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How is online teaching and learning really different?

How will this help: Recognize the key differences between face to face and online teaching. Compare online teaching practices to personal teaching practices. The basics The first step in learning the differences between online and face-to-face teaching is understanding that one is not necessarily ‘better’ than the other. There are numerous aspects of traditional teaching […]

Resources for instructors to help students

How this will help: Provide students resources to help them navigate online learning. The basics Students need help navigating the new world of online instruction as well. These guides can help you help your students. How to help your students during COVID-19 Being an instructor means helping a student through a time of crisis. This […]

Giving good online feedback

How this will help: Give effective feedback. Have strategies for giving feedback that reflects a supportive tone. The basics When you teach a face-to-face course, many instructors develop some kind of relationship with the class as well as individual learners. You may come to associate names with faces, and in turn, writing styles, personality, strengths, […]


How this will help: Understand how copyright impacts the items you include in your course. The basics The copyright law exceptions for teaching are different for teaching online than they are for teaching face-to-face courses. Assumptions about copyright that you may have about teaching in a face-to-face setting may not apply in the same way […]

Half-life your message

How this will help: Understand the importance of restructuring pedagogical content to be concise and message-driven. Apply the Half-Life Your Message tool to your own communication and teaching efforts. The basics If you are accustomed to teaching in a face-to-face class, you’ve probably lectured at some point. If you are teaching online, It’s very tempting […]

Exams and quizzes online

How this will help: Determine if an exam best aligns with the course learning goals. Structure your exam to be successful in an online setting. Make informed choices about Canvas Quiz settings. The basics You may be comfortable with giving exams or tests in your residential classroom, but what about now in your online class? […]

Discipline-specific resources

How this will help: Learn how specific subjects or disciplines can be taught in an online space. Explore discipline-specific articles for online teaching and learning. Arts Parrish, M. (2016). Toward transformation: Digital tools for online dance pedagogy. Arts Education Policy Review. https://doi.org/10.1080/10632913.2016.1187974 Business Swartz, L. B., & Cole, M. T. (2013). Students’ perception of academic […]

Creating engaging online lectures

How this will help: Understand the importance of chunking information, minimizing cognitive overload, instructor affect and effective visuals for student learning in online lectures. The basics Although there are many skills used in delivering face-to-face lectures that are equally important in an online context, there are important unique features of teaching and learning online that, […]