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Getting comfortable on-screen

How this will help: Here are some tips for feeling more comfortable on-screen. The basics You’ve probably heard the comments about public speaking being a common fear, speaking on camera (and knowing that it is going to be recorded) brings out a special concern for many faculty. You can mitigate these concerns be being prepared, […]

FAQ’s about online learning

How this will help:  This series of brief frequently asked questions about online learning can clarify some of the aspects of online learning. Many faculty have questions and concerns about teaching online and the process of getting ready to teach online. Here are some of the questions we have received – feel free to submit […]

Accessibility for designing courses

How this will help: Proactively incorporate accessibility into your course design and development processes. The basics Designing an accessible course is an achievable goal if you spend time sorting out potential barriers during the design process. Yes, designing an accessible course is not something you do after finishing the design of a course. Instead, you […]

Effective office hours

How this will help: Identify various ways in which digital office hours can be structured. Integrate strategies for facilitating effective office hours in the online environment. The basics Online office hours can be an excellent way to interact with students, provide direct feedback, answer questions, and create community among a group of learners. Office hours […]

Formative assessments

How this will help: Connect how formative assessments of student progress are used in an online setting. Identify strategies to assess student progress and understanding using formative assessment techniques. The basics Face-to-face teaching frequently involves visual observation of students “understanding” a course. Faculty frequently use informal methods for what we call “formative assessment” but may […]

Facilitating asynchronous online discussions

How this will help: Describe four principles for productive online discussion board facilitation. Identify when the discussion needs instructor support. The basics Group dynamics are a key part of facilitating meaningful discussions with students, both face to face and online. For this collaborative space to exist online, the instructor must know how to read the […]

Successful peer review

How this will help: Recognize the benefits of peer reviews. Convey best practices and how to conduct peer reviews to their students. The basics You may have participated in or assigned a peer review assignment prior to this module. Regardless of your level of experience, you may have already formed opinions regarding the use of […]