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Asynchronous tools and how to use them

How this will help: Identify asynchronous tools available to them for online instruction. Operate the most appropriate asynchronous tools for their courses. The basics The nature of online learning is for education to be accessible and flexible for learners across any distance. With the use of asynchronous tools, participants can connect with one another without […]

Synchronous tools and how to use them

How this will help: Identify the communication tools you will most likely be using in your online course. Integrate best practices into your synchronous tools use. The basics Many faculty transitioning to online teaching are concerned with a disconnect between them and their students. With the help of synchronous tools, this issue can be mitigated […]

Handling conflict in an online environment (good vs bad)

How this will help: Differentiate between productive conflict from unproductive conflict in an online class. To recognize where conflict is building in the classroom. Find strategies to diffuse and redirect conflict to productive learning situations. The basics For many people, ‘conflict’ has a negative connotation. Though it is true that some types of conflict can […]

How is online teaching really different?

How this will help: Recognize the key differences between face to face and online teaching. Compare online teaching practices to personal teaching practices. The basics The first step in learning the differences between online and face-to-face teaching is understanding that one is not necessarily ‘better’ than the other. There are numerous aspects of traditional teaching […]

Using online exams & quizzes

How this will help: Determine if an exam best aligns with the course learning goals. Make informed choices about Canvas Quiz settings. Structure your exam to be successful in an online setting. The basics You may be comfortable with giving exams or tests in your residential classroom, but what about now in your online class? […]