Encouraging student participation in synchronous videoconference sessions

How this will help: Identify ways that you might encourage active participation in web conferencing sessions. Know where to find resources related to creating participatory environments. The basics When groups including classes meet in real-time online via a video conferencing tool, it’s tempting to just use the time for a presentation or a question and […]


Best Practices for Online Community Engaged Teaching and Learning

How this will help: Understand key principles of ethical community engagement and how to operationalize them when designing and teaching online community-engaged courses. Learn concrete suggestions, resources, and strategies for addressing the needs of students and community partners during online community-engaged teaching. Discover ways that Ginsberg Center staff can support your community-engaged course, from finding […]


Building your online instructor persona

How this will help: Explore what it means to be a person and instructor in an online environment. Identify activities to increase instructor presence in the online classroom. The basics One of the most frequent concerns of new online instructors is whether or not they will be able to “get to know” their students and […]