I’m just exploring my options

Getting Started

If the March COVID crisis was your first exposure to remote teaching, or if you are starting to consider what your options are for Fall 2020, this is a good place to start. This pathway will let you explore what we mean by online learning (and how it’s different from crisis remote teaching) and hopefully answer some questions.

This pathway assumes that you have very little experience with online teaching and learning and just want to learn a little more about it.

Time to complete: 30 minutes

Recommended timeline: Anytime before you start planning to go online

What’s the difference between remote teaching and teaching online?

If the only experience you have with online learning is either teaching during COVID or hearing from colleagues about teaching during this time, you might first want to start with how we are defining the spectrum of teaching from Emergency Remote Teaching to good online learning design. Read more:

How is online teaching different from emergency remote teaching?

How is online learning different?

I’m curious how online teaching and learning has been done in my field.

You might think that your field or topic can’t be taught online. You also might be surprised to find your discipline listed in some of the research already been published about their experiences teaching online. Check out our list of some of the studies published by discipline.

Discipline-specific research

I have more questions now.

That’s great! We hopefully have some answers for you in our FAQ. If you have additional questions, you can ask us here as well.


What are my next steps?