Online Teaching @ MIchigan

Where are you on your online journey?

Whether you are just exploring what opportunities teaching online can create or you are preparing to develop and teach an online or hybrid course, Online Teaching at U-M can help you along every step of your process. These resources encourage instructors to consider the unique affordances created by technologies and pedagogies in the online environment, to design online or hybrid learning experiences that create interactions with students and course content that are most effective and inspire deep learning.

Online Teaching at U-M offers several ways of learning:

  • On-demand modules that can be explored based on an individual’s interests and needs
  • Workshops that provide guidance through common challenges experienced when designing or facilitating an online course
  • Fully facilitated learning experiences that walk through the planning, design, and facilitation phases of teaching an online course
  • Supportive communities of practice that connect faculty to other faculty who are teaching online. 

In addition, we work with partners to create customized learning experiences to meet the unique needs of their instructors and the disciplines in which they are teaching.

Online Teaching Academy

Participate in a facilitated course experience that guides you through the planning, design, and facilitation phases of teaching online.

Keep Teaching

Rapidly transfer a portion of your course to the online environment to ensure continuity of instruction during unpredictable situations that make you unable to teach on-campus. 

Online Now

Explore on-demand resources to get the help you need to effectively teach online.


Participate in workshops to guide you through specific aspects of designing and facilitating instruction for the online environment. 

Connect & Network

Join the online teaching community of practice to connect and share experiences with other instructors at U-M who are teaching online. 

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