Keep Teaching

There may be an unexpected time when teaching a face-to-face class is impossible. Weather, illness, travel delays or other unanticipated circumstances may prevent you or your students from the typical participation in a residential, face-to-face class. If there is a situation in which your plans suddenly change, it does not mean that class (or the learning) has to end. These strategies should not replace the careful design process that you may go through to develop an online course. Instead, these strategies can be used to bridge the gap and support teaching continuity even in times of disruption.

Step 1: Getting Started with Teaching Remotely

While technology may feel top of mind when faced with a disruption of classes, there are several points to consider that are not just technology.

Step 2: Teaching Strategies

Even if you consider yourself tech-saavy, a change to online can feel like a lot of change. Consider these teaching strategies to keep your classroom engaged with the content and each other.

Step 3: Find Additional Resources and Contacts

The University of Michigan has a wide variety of resources available to help you and your students during an unanticipated disruption.

Emergency Remote Teaching Resources