Getting Started with Online Teaching

Date: 06/01/2020

This on demand course, hosted in Canvas, provides a lightly structured experience to guide instructors through some of the major considerations when beginning to teach in the online environment. These considerations are:

  • How do I get ready? Building your plan.

  • How do I create a classroom community? Being “present” online.

  • How do I curate or create content for my course? Finding and creating materials.

  • How do I get students talking and working with each other? Discussions, collaborations, and group work.

  • How do I know what my students are learning? Assessment online.

  • How do I put this all together? Creating a cohesive course.

  • Advanced topics

Within each module, participants will have the ability to engage in Getting Started content, which covers fundamentals related to online teaching. Those with more experience may wish to explore the Deeper Explorations area of each module to dive a bit deeper into understanding more advanced concepts related to topics covered in the section. Each section includes an Action Challenge which gives participants a chance to implement concepts learned. As we recognize that personal connections are important, we’re linking to discussion forums, as well as a variety of opportunities for individuals to participate in synchronous opportunities, to more deeply explore the considerations being covered in the Connect to Us section of each module.

Click the Register button at the top of the page to register to be enrolled in the course; once submitted, you’ll be added to the course within two business days and will receive a notification in Canvas once enrolled.