Online and Hybrid Programs

We work with academic units to remove barriers of access to exceptional U-M learning experiences and to consider new approaches to engaging with learners at different stages of life and career.

Portfolios: create, bundle, and rebundle to get more from your efforts

We encourage academic units to strategically rebundle content to create online program portfolios. The portfolio approach combines degree programs with open learning experiences—such as open online courses, a MicroMasters program, or a MasterTrack certificate—to create a variety of pathways for learners to engage as part of the Michigan community.

Online program portfolios

    • provide innovative learning experiences of various durations, commitment level, and depth of study
    • offers high-quality learning experiences that promote multidisciplinary problem solving and diversity, equity and inclusion
    • are affordable, accessible at scale, and available for global and lifelong learners
      From on-ramps to online degrees and beyond

The degree program portfolio allows a program to meet their prospects, students, alumni, and worldwide audience wherever they may be needed–whether they want to gain confidence or confirm their interest before committing to a full degree program, or whether they want to extend their knowledge and skills beyond the degree programs.

Online degree portfolios help Michigan students become—and remain—leaders in their disciplines, regardless of where they are.

We can partner with you to help conceptualize, design, and launch your program — including considering all the regulatory and operational components.

New or modified online and hybrid program proposals must be approved as part of the Office of the Provost’s degree approval process to ensure they meet regulatory and compliance requirements that apply to distance education programs. 

To create a culture of compliance that supports innovation at the University, we offer preliminary compliance consultations for all OHPs, whether or not you work with us to develop the program.

Propose a program

Interested in proposing a program? Our Academic Innovation Fund (AIF) supports the development of online and hybrid degree program portfolios. Academic units are required to submit a proposal to be considered for partnership. 

We encourage academic units to contact us early in the design process as well as consult the OHP Playbook.

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