I'm New to Teaching Online


If you’re new to teaching online, considering teaching in a new environment may seem quite daunting. This pathway will guide you to the learning resources that are best for those who are just getting started with online teaching.

Step 1: Getting Started

For those looking for more structured and comprehensive support for learning the fundamentals of teaching online, consider exploring the Getting Started with Online Teaching course.

This self-paced course helps you learn foundational practices of developing and facilitating online courses by exploring the following concepts:

  • Designing your online course
  • Curating and creating course content
  • Creating community in online classes
  • Online assessment strategies
  • Course management strategies
  • Inclusive teaching in the online environment

You’ll also have the chance to connect with peers and our experts in discussion boards, workshops, and office hours to personalize the experience. The course launches June 1, but you can begin whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Visit the Learning Experiences page to sign up for the Getting Started with Online Teaching course

Step 2: Content & Pathways

If you want a less structured way to explore online teaching fundamentals, visit the Guides section of the website and discover the content and pathways listed there. These modules are self-guided and available on demand so learners can engage with the content at their own pace. A pathway is a good place to start, as it combines a series of short learning modules in a sequence that aims to achieve a specific learning outcome.

Visit the Guides page to explore one of our content pathways.

Step 3: Learn from Instructors

If you’re facing a particular challenge and want to learn from other instructors, or if you want help solving a particular design problem, we’ll be scheduling regular office hour and Community of Practice live sessions:

  • Office hours are unstructured sessions where you can ask questions or get help from an expert
  • Communities of Practice meet-ups are live sessions that bring together a group of instructors who are facing similar circumstances and want to share suggested practices.

Visit the Live Sessions page for more information.