Student Data Privacy

Protecting student data privacy is of great importance to the University. The University of Michigan must comply with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as well as all other applicable state and federal regulations and policies that govern the protection of student data. With the increasing use of online learning via platforms such as BlueJeans, Zoom and GoogleMeet, the University is working in collaboration with ITS and individual department leadership in order to ensure that student data and privacy concerns are treated with the highest degree of protection. The University asks that instructors be aware that recording student participation can create an education record.

Moreover, third-party data collection has increased through the use of educational applications, and CAI cautions the use of any applications that have not been vetted by the ITS Teaching and Learning Group or subject to a U-M Data Protection Addendum.

Student Data Privacy – Practical Overview

CAI has created a Practical Overview handout covering student data privacy in greater detail, with an emphasis on the use of third-party tools and the recording of online classes

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Additional Data Privacy Resources

We encourage you to continue reading about the importance of student data privacy and methods for protecting student data in online learning environments

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