NameCoach – A new tool for Canvas

NameCoach for Canvas - a tool for building community in the classroom.

NameCoach is a new tool introduced in Canvas in Fall 2021. It allows students and instructors to record their preferred way to audibly speak their name, as well as provide a phonetic pronunciation. 

In Canvas, NameCoach is automatically enabled on the left-hand navigation bar. Selecting it will bring up the list of students’ names and preferred pronunciations.

Being able to call students by their name, with the correct pronunciation is a powerful tool in both the online and face-to-face classroom. Research supports that even small measures, like calling students by name, builds rapport, may increase participation, and increases students’ feelings of engagement with the class.

For more information about NameCoach, see the ITS Teaching and Learning page.

Learn more about NameCoach and all the Canvas tools offered through ITS Teaching & Learning.

What’s next – Fall 2021 and beyond

After a full year of pandemic online teaching, you may be wondering what’s next? While Fall 2021 is moving toward a more traditional classroom experience, there are ways to integrate the best of what technology can offer in a face-to-face class. Here are some resources to navigate the transition and learn how to apply all that you’ve learned to your next course.

  • Enriching Scholarship (May 3-5th)
    Hosted by the University of Michigan’s Teaching and Technology Collaborative, Enriching Scholarship is a free, multi-day event held annually the first full week of May and focused on improving teaching, learning, and research through the effective integration of technology and pedagogy. This year, the all-online Enriching Scholarship is focused specifically on the real-world experiences of faculty, staff, and students as we navigated the pedagogies of the pandemic. Registration begins April 12th at the TTC site.
  • Resilient Teaching MOOC
    If you are anxious about what Fall 2021 is going to look like, then consider enrolling in the Resilient Teaching MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Dr. Rebecca Quintana explains how to prepare for a classroom environment regardless of modality.
  • Pandemic Pedagogy Research Symposium
    Registration is currently open for the Pandemic Pedagogy Research Symposium. The Symposium is designed for interactive presentations and panel discussions on new and emerging research related to teaching and learning during the pandemic with a focus on applied scholarship that advances the art and science of teaching.
  • Stay up-to-date with campus plans and your school
    Your school/department may have guidance for what Fall 2021 may look like for you. Be sure to find out what individual recommendations may be available.

News & Updates

9.17.2021 Designing online programs with a DEIJ lens

Designing online programs with a DEIJ lens

The Online & Hybrid Programs (OHP) Community of Practice is holding a special session designed specifically for instructional designers on discussing best practices for designing online courses with a DEIJ lens Friday September 17th at 1:00 pm.

Led by Chelsea Chandler, Ji Hyun Yu, and Ahmed Lachheb, this session will focus on designing more equitable and inclusive courses in online degree programs.

For more information about joining the OHP Community, see the OHP Community of Practice page.

Want to learn more? Find out more about the OHP Community of Practice.