Workshops & Events

Course Design Workshop Series 

This short series of workshops and related activities co-developed between the Center for Academic Innovation and the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching can assist instructors in thinking intentionally about transitioning from remote teaching strategies and integrating more effective online instructional techniques. Building on what faculty may have engaged with Winter semester with the COVID crisis, these workshops are designed to help faculty organize and prioritize places where transformation can make the biggest impact online.

Workshops can be taken in any order, although it’s recommended to start with the Monday course and continue throughout the week. Each workshop will be offered once a week during the two week period to accommodate faculty schedules.

Additional workshops will be scheduled soon.


Getting Started/Moving Toward Designing Your Online Class

Building on what faculty have experienced during Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT), this workshop will help faculty reflect on and improve on their remote and online instruction.

Topics include: Building a plan for spring instruction, prioritizing learning outcomes, identifying places for transformation.

Dates Offered: April 20th, April 27th


Curating & Creating Compelling Online Content

How to move content online is one of the most frequent questions from new instructors. This workshop will cover the best practices and practical foundations for integrating engaging content.

Topics include: Curating vs. creating content, where to find materials, where to prioritize DIY content, lecture capture/creation.

Dates Offered: April 21st, April 28th

Inclusive Teaching in Remote Contexts

How can instructors deliberately cultivate remote learning environments where all students feel valued, respected, and supported in their learning? This interactive session will provide structured opportunities for instructors to reflect on their goals and practices related to inclusion and equity, consider how to apply key research-based inclusive teaching principles to their remote teaching, and exchange ideas with colleagues to support the deliberate cultivation of inclusive learning environments.

Dates Offered: April 29th, May 1st

Building your Learning Community: Creating & Facilitating Collaborative Online Experiences

One frequent concern of faculty is how to connect to students online as well as connecting students to each other online. Using asynchronous and synchronous tools, faculty can engage students with.

Topics include: Crafting and facilitating asynchronous discussions, using synchronous sessions wisely, group work as well as cultivate social presence in the class.

Dates Offered: April 23rd, April 30th

Transferring & Transforming Assessments for Online Courses

Faculty will examine their assessment strategy and find places to prioritize what can shift to a different format, and/or how to transform assignments to take advantage of technology.

Topics include: Evaluating assessment goals, assessing participation, alternative assessments, online testing.

Dates Offered: April 24th, May 1st