Online Teaching at the University of Michigan

Online Teaching at the University of Michigan is designed for those who are interested in learning how to teach online more effectively. Created by the University of Michigan Center for Academic Innovation (CAI), Online Teaching lives at the intersection of pedagogy, technology, and research driven practices. 

The site is your practical guide to all facets of online teaching, featuring comprehensive resources and helpful articles on emerging issues. Here, you will find information that helps you not only understand the “how-to” of online teaching, but also the “why” and “what’s next” in teaching innovation.

Carefully crafted learning experiences delivered by expert faculty are hallmarks of the world-class University of Michigan education. Online Teaching provides the resources to ensure that faculty are well prepared to create effective, inclusive learning experiences in open, hybrid, and online programs.

James DeVaney – Associate Vice Provost for Academic Innovation & Founding Executive Director, Center for Academic Innovation

Partners for U-M Faculty

While there are many valuable resources found on Online Teaching, there are more partners within the U-M community that faculty can reach out to for technical and instructional support.