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Whether you are interested in creating an online degree program or you are preparing to develop and teach an online or hybrid course, Online Teaching at U-M can help you: 


Consider unique affordances created by technologies and pedagogies when developing an online course

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Speech Bubbles

Connect with others interested in developing online degree courses and programs

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Find resources and information to design and launch online degree programs

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Featured Posts

ChatGPT in Higher Education: Facts and Ideas to Consider

Introduction It is safe to say that by now, you have seen many articles/posts, opinions, and stories about ChatGPT—and the larger AI-Language Learning Models (LLMs)—in relation to higher education and teaching/learning in particular. These writings included several perspectives ranging from raising concerns to celebrating new opportunities and a mix of the former and the latter. […]

Extended Reality and Accessibility

Introducing Extended Reality (XR) Extended Reality (XR) allows learners to reach beyond the classroom into another setting through 360 videos and other simulations that can be used on different platforms whether that is headsets, web browsers, or mobile devices. Creating these learning activities in XR allows learners to practice needed skills in a simulated environment.  […]

Current events: Online Proctoring

The rapid shift to emergency remote instruction during COVID-19 left many instructors questioning how best to assess students. Concerns about academic integrity left some wondering if using online tests made students more likely to violate academic integrity rules. Online test proctoring made news in many higher education settings as a way to ensure academic integrity. […]

Roundup on Research: Community of Inquiry

The Roundup on Research series is intended for faculty and staff who are interested in learning more about the theories, frameworks, and research in online and technology-enhanced teaching and learning. One of the first questions many educators ask when getting started teaching online is “How do you recreate the experience of a face-to-face classroom in […]

Introducing the Online Teaching Academy

Created for faculty teaching in online and hybrid programs partnering with the Center for Academic Innovation, the Online Teaching Academy is a facilitated cohort experience that mentors faculty as they transform their pedagogical practices into engaging online learning experiences.

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On-demand modules that can be explored based on your interests and needs

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Courses that guide you through common challenges experienced when designing or facilitating an online course. Self-paced and facilitated options are available.

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Supportive topic-based sessions that connect you to other faculty facing similar circumstances or challenges.

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